Designer Chat: Christophe Boelinger – Creator Of Archipelago

January 10, 2019 by ludicryan

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Ryan and Sam sit down with special guest Christophe Boelinger to ask a few questions on how he creates such greats as Archipelago, 4Gods & his new game; Living Planet.


Christophe Boelinger is a huge design leader of Euro games on the market today and his most famous game; Dungeon Twister has been a large success on the PlayStation 3. Sam and Ryan take some time to ask him some questions on how he got started in games, influences and what's in store for the future of board game design.

Christophe Boelingers Top 5 Games <2004

  • Space Hulk
  • Magic the Gathering
  • Dungeons & Dragons RPG TCG
  • Go!
  • Full Metal Planéte

What are your all time top 5 games?

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