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Halloween Sees Spellcrow’s Secret Garden In English!


If you're interested in the wonderfully whimsical and weird world of Umbra Turris by Spellcrow and the expanding Dyniaq range then you'll be pleased to know they have plans to release the skirmish rules for The Secret Garden in English on Halloween.

Aradia Miniatures Unleash Hyperborean Titans On Kickstarter


Aradia Miniatures are currently on Kickstarter looking to fund the release of some pretty damn stylish looking models.

Unholy Mutations & Rabble-Rousers Find Their Way To Carnevale


TTCombat has been showing off some new releases for those playing Carnevale.

Lady Ravenclaw Rides Into Battle From FireForge Games


FireForge Games are riding into battle alongside the valiant Lady Ravenclaw this week as she got added to their webstore for Forgotten World and the Albion faction. 

A Band Of Heavy Metal Heroes Rock Stronghold’s Webstore [Updated]


Stronghold Terrain has picked up some cool new sculpts from Boris Woloszyn again this month with this band of Heavy Metal Heroes.

WizKids Unleash Their Unpainted Kraken On D&D Tabletops


WizKids has released a pretty big monster onto the scene that we'd not seen until today. Check out this Unpainted Kraken which could be the next fearsome foe your heroes face.

Northumbrian Tin Soldier Let More Cats Out Of The Bag


Northumbrian Tin Soldier has been showing off more previews ahead of their Curious Cats Of Crumptown Kickstarter which is going live next week.

New Burrows & Badgers Kickstarter Launches Next Week


Next Monday, 28th October, marks the start of the new Burrows & Badgers Kickstarter which is subtitled All Creatures Great & Small.

Radioactive Fun Awaits With Lucid Eye’s New Releases


Lucid Eye has been adding a plethora of different releases into the mix for gamers this past week.

Black Scorpion Ask If You Want A Trick Or A Treat?


With it being the season of spooks Black Scorpion has offered up a special miniature for Halloween.

Bauza’s Last Bastion Arriving Soon From Repos Production


Designed by Antoine Bauza, Last Bastion is a new take on a classic cooperative game called Ghost Stories by Repos Production.

Let’s Play: Kings Of War 3rd Edition


Gerry oversees a clash of rivals within Mantic Games between the titan Matt and the human Rob.

Keep Tabs On Your Heroes With New Middle-earth Card Packs


Another new set of releases are dropping for folks playing the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.

Ogors Battle The Undead In Age Of Sigmar’s Feast Of Bones


Games Workshop has been showing off the newest set for Age Of Sigmar which follows the release of the Ossiarch Bonereapers with their new Battletome.

Community Spotlight: Orc Captains, Infinity Inspiration & Sci-Fi Explorers

4 days ago 10

Come and join us for another dive back into the painting awesomeness going on with our community this week.

CMON Load Up A Mighty Night’s Watch Stone Thrower


CMON Games has been showing off another kit for those picking up The Night's Watch in A Song Of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game.

Lion Tower Reveal Gnomes & Warforged For Patreon Followers


Lion Tower Miniatures has been showing off some more of the options available to those who back them on Patreon.

Unboxing: Marvel Crisis Protocol


Gerry and Ryan postpone their off-camera discussion of which Marvel character has the best butt to unbox Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

North Star Unveil Monsters Hunting Through Frostgrave Ruins


North Star Military Figures has been showing off some new monsters and creatures which will be finding their way to Frostgrave as part of their Perilous Dark Nickstarter coming soon.

Mennes’ Mini Mashup: Railless Interceptor – Part Two


Tomas Mennes is back to take us through his tutorial on converting the Railless interceptor Battle Engine for Warmachine.

Round Breakdown: Kings Of War Third Edition


Rob and Matt from Mantic Games join Gerry in the studio to take him through a round of the third edition of Kings of War.

Trish Carden Pulls A Hercules & Takes On Footsore’s Hydra


Trish Carden, one of the most celebrated sculptors in the business, has been working hard on more monsters for Footsore Miniatures & Games' Mythic Expansion for Mortal Gods.

Meet Heroic Foes You’ll Face In Villainous League Of Infamy


League Of Infamy is a new dungeon delver with a twist coming to Kickstarter on October 28th and Mantic Games has been showing off more previews of the 'foes' that you'll be facing

Reaper Miniatures Bow Before Murkillor The Wraith King


Reaper Miniatures has got a new version of Murkillor The Wraith King available on their webstore from ReaperCon 2019.

Para Bellum Reveal Animated Trailer For Dweghom Release


Para Bellum Wargames has released a new trailer which heralds the release of the Dweghom very soon onto their webstore.

Bombshell Miniatures Get Bewitched For Halloween


Bombshell Miniatures have been bewitched by this fantastical feline in the run up to Halloween.

Getting Started With Kings Of War


Matt and Rob from Mantic Games are in the studio to talk with us about how new players might get started with Kings of War.

Hunt Down The Fabled Forest Dragon In ArcWorlde Kickstarter


Warploque Miniatures has now got to the stage on their ArcWorlde 2nd Edition Kickstarter where they have added this mighty Forest Dragon into the mix alongside a PDF scenario for you to play out!

Cubicle 7 Unveil The Fluff Behind Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound Title


Cubicle 7 is back talking about their Age Of Sigmar RPG, Soulbound, with a look at the official title graphic done by Rachael Macken which will find itself pride of place on the starter box and books. 

Durgin Paint Forge Preview More Stunning Lost Court Elves


Durgin Paint Forge last week showed off their work on a new set of Elves for the world of Inneath.

Leder Games Delve Deeper Into New Game, Oath


Leder Games, the maestros behind the well-loved game Root, have been talking more about the design of their new game Oath.

Craft Your Own Warriors With The Bonereaper’s Mortisan Soulmason


Games Workshop are keeping up the previews for the Ossiarch Bonereapers for Age Of Sigmar with a new character, the Mortisan Soulmason.

Gale Force Nine Delve Into The D&D World Of Eberron


Gale Force Nine has been showing off some new releases coming to support the release of the Eberron Sourcebook for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

North Star Sneak A Peek At Frostgrave Wizards II Sprues


North Star Military Figures has been saying that they're going to be starting up a Nickstarter pre-order campaign for the new Frostgrave Wizards II set.

Shadow Weavers & Master Mages Join Warmachine Infernals


The Infernal forces raging across the world of Immoren aren't don't with you yet. Privateer Press has two new Warmachine characters for you to consider.

Wolves, Sailors & Bruisers Come To Privateer’s Riot Quest


Privateer Press has released three new hero options for you to consider when picking your Riot Quest crew.

River Horse Take To The Seas In Melody Of The Waves


Building on the world of My Little Pony and the Tails Of Equestria line, River Horse Games has announced pre-orders for a new supplement called Melody Of The Waves.

Let’s Play: Joan Of Arc – The Siege Of Calais

1 week ago 11

Justin and Gerry are back for another round of Joan of Arc with Leo from Mythic Games as they take on The Siege Of Calais today. Who will come out on top?

Kings Of War 3rd Edition Preview With Mantic Games!


Gerry is joined in the studio by Rob and Matt from Mantic Games to talk about the upcoming third edition of Kings of War.

Raging Heroes Prepare A Colourful Halloween Surprise


Raging Heroes are getting pumped up for Halloween with the announcement that they are going to be working on some new tweaks to the Daughters Of The Crucible.

Undertake Sigmar’s Great Quest With Dacian Anvil Soon


Games Workshop dropped another little morsel of awesomeness for those who like Age Of Sigmar this past weekend too.

Community Spotlight: Monstrous Gangs, Historic Libyans & Sci-Fi Metal

2 weeks ago 6

Come and join us for a peek at some more awesome painting from our lovely community from the past week or so.

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