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Weekender: Win Ace PSC Games & End Is Nigh Challenge Winners Announced


We announce the winners of The End Is Night Terrain Challenge and find out what’s new from PSC Games!

Terrain Challenge: The End Is Nigh – Progress Report [UPDATED]


Come and join us for a round-up of what has happened so far as part of the End Is Nigh Terrain Challenge for this summer!

Shades of Spring – Winners!


NEW! Judge: Terrainoholic Appraisals Added
Welcome terrain tailors & scenery sculptors. This
quarters Terrain Challenge has come to an end.

Hobby Lab Open Challenge: Shades Of Spring Winners Announcements Soon!


The latest Hobby Lab Open Challenge, Shades Of Spring is now over and we will be announcing the winners soon.

Hobby Lab Open Challenge: Shades Of Spring


As we enter into a period of new life and leave Winter behind we’re often hit with inspiration brought on by a change of season into Spring.

Fresh Water Terrain Challenge Winners!


We’ve had some time to mull
it over and we’re announcing
the winners of our
Fresh Water Terrain Challenge!

Hobby Lab Open Challenge – Create Your Own Fresh Water Terrain!


Update: We’re changing the
end close date, get your
projects in now!

P-VLOG: Hordes Glacier King – From Parts To Painted

Hobbyween Winners Announced!


It’s time for us to reveal who the winners were of the awesome Hobbyween challenge we ran during October!

Get Creative & Spooky With Hobbyween!


Are you ready to freak us out and start work on your Hobbyween miniatures?

Community Spotlight: Scatter Terrain Challenge Finalists


Come and take a look at the other awesome finalists we picked out for our Scatter Terrain Challenge.

Hobby Lab Open Challenge: Scatter Terrain Winners!


We’ve been scratching our chins and pouring through
your PLOGS and we can now announce the winners
of the Scatter Terrain Challenge!

P-VLOG: Games Workshop: Trygon – From Parts To Painted

Warhammer 40k: Lost Patrol Project Vlog

Join us as we get stuck into the new board game, Lost Patrol from Games Workshop and have it ready to hit the table.

P-VLOG: Ersatz Panther – From Parts To Painted

Welcome to this P-VLog with the Tank God John.
In it we’ll be taking one of Warlord Games’ new
Ersatz Panther kits from start to finish beginning
with building the kit, then we get some
painting and weathering done.

40K IG BUILD: Work on the Superheavies!

So our house 40K Astra Militarum is being organised and assembled, this is a project diary covering the organisation and painting being undertaken. To access most of this content you will need a backstage pass!

Bolt Action Project VLOG – Building WWII Armies

Hey there folks! We’re going to be
kicking off the progress on a
number of Bolt Action armies
and of course we’re going
to be sharing it with you
all in another Project VLOG.

Age of Sigmar Project: The Lake Town Modular Gaming Table

Age of Sigmar Project: Building The Starter Set

The Worldwide D-Day Challenge Part Four – Completing The Invasion


Community member oriskany finishes
off his round up of all the awesome
games that went on during the HUGE
Worldwide D-Day Challenge this month.

See how it all came to a climax and
let us know what you think of big
events like this.

The Worldwide D-Day Challenge Part Three – Launching The Invasion


The invasion begins. All the planning
comes together as the first battles are
fought retelling the amazing venture
that was D-Day…

The Worldwide D-Day Challenge Part Two – Assembling The Invasion!


While the battles have begun
to play out for the Worldwide
D-Day Challenge Community
Member Oriskany takes us
through some more of the
in-depth planning that has
gone into this HUGE event.

The Worldwide D-Day Challenge Part One – Planning The Invasion


As the Worldwide D-Day Challenge to
commemorate the battles that took place
on June 6th around Normandy, France
approaches. Find out how this all came
together in this new article series.