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The Winter Guard Are Coming To Marvel: Crisis Protocol!


The Winter Guard, Russia's answer to The Avengers, are going to be hitting the tabletop soon from the folks at Atomic Mass Games. Will you be using them as a team in your games of Marvel: Crisis Protocol or will you split them up amongst the rest of your collection?

Foe To The Fairy Folk: Gwyll Spores Into Malifaux


Stepping away from last week's announcement from deep into the caves, and into the woods with a new sinister foe for the Autumn Queen, Titania - Gwyll. 

Cyberpunk 2077: Gangs Of Night City Now On Kickstarter!


CMON has now gone live with Cyberpunk 2077: Gangs of Night City. Bringing brutal gang warfare across the neon concrete jungle of Night City.

New Starter Set Announced For Fallout Role Playing Game


Modiphius Entertainment is encouraging more players to get down and dirty across the Wasteland. Bringing a new entry point into the Fallout RPG.

Explore The Black Lake Bayou With Warcradle Scenics In July


Warcradle Scenics has been showing off a neat set of 35mm terrain for you to use in your games of Wild West Exodus and even further afield in the realm of Malifaux! This time, they are heading down to the Black Lake Bayou.

Mount Up With Quantrill’s Raiders Posse For Wild West Exodus


More awesomeness for the world of Wild West Exodus arrives in July. Quantrill’s Raiders Posse is on the warpath, a new set of 35mm miniatures from Warcradle Studios.

Community Spotlight: Star Wars Battles, Silver Bayonet & Oldhammery Bretonnians

5 days ago 4

Check out some neat new painting projects from our community including a Star Wars: Legion battle, some Silver Bayonet and finally a bit of Oldhammery goodness.

Soaring Ships & Submarines Storm Into Warcradle’s Dystopian Wars


Dystopian Wars updates again this month from the folks at Warcradle Studios. The focus this time around is on the Alliance and the Magenta Battlefleet Set. If you're looking for soaring ships then this is the place to look!

Finish Your Miniatures With Kromlech’s New Base Toppers


Kromlech has put together a brand new set of Base Toppers that can be used to make your miniatures pop a little! There are some great options here that would work for games across all genres, from Fantasy to Sci-Fi and maybe even a little bit of Steampunk.

VLOG: 3D Printing Raging Heroes’ Marquita Mendoza! | Heroes Infinite

1 week ago 6

John dives into a fun "how to print" VLOG to show off how to bring the excellent 32mm miniatures from Raging Heroes' Heroes Infinite program to life!

Cursed Soulstone Golem Lohith Approaches Malifaux


Wyrd has given us an introduction to Lohith, a cursed explorer taking the form of a calcified stone, joining the Arcanists.

Take On 007 & Become Number 1 In SPECTRE: The Board Game


SPECTRE: The Board Game is now live on the Modiphius Entertainment store, calling for intelligent villains to thwart the plans of the slippery spy, 007.

Become Legends Of Sleepy Hollow & Find Ichabod Crane!


Legends of Sleepy Hollow brings the fearsome wonders of Ichabod Crane, in a cooperative adventure searching for his disappearance.

Mighty Asgardians PLUS S.H.I.E.L.D VS Hydra In Marvel: Crisis Protocol


Atomic Mass Games dropped a bunch of good news for Star Wars: Legion fans last week. The weekend also had them offering up even more good news in the form of brand new packs of characters coming to Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

Play As TMNT-Like Creatures Mutants In The Now RPG


The next instalment to the Mutants in the Now zine has now appeared on Kickstarter, bringing the Mutants in the Next expansion.

3D Print The Steampunk Mechanium With Raging Heroes


Raging Heroes has been showing off a brand new set of 32mm miniatures for use in your tabletop wargames. The theme this month is Steampunk and you can now 3D Print a whole host of awesome bits and pieces as you dive into Adventures Of The Mechanium. 

Community Spotlight: Iron Warriors, Konflikt ’47 Bots & HeroQuest Renewed

3 weeks ago 8

This time around, we're diving into a look at some Horus Heresy armies that feel very apt, some Konflikt '47 Robots AND an entirely painted set of HeroQuest miniatures.

Bestiarum’s N’Gorroth Squirm Their Way Into Reality This Month!


Bestiarum Miniatures has released a new selection of monsters that can be 3D Printed to grace the tabletops of your Fantasy and Pulpy wargames. The theme for this month is something distinctly Lovecraftian in the form of The N'Gorroth.

Thunder Unleashes The Story Of Raijin For Malifaux


The pool of crews to select from is widening in Malifaux, bringing a tale of folklore and terror with The Story of Raijin. 

Meridian & Ana Polanšćak Bring Folk Horrors To Kickstarter


Meridian Miniatures' Andrew May has launched a new Kickstarter in conjunction with Ana Polanšćak who has created a brand new set of Folk Horror miniatures for use in your tabletop games.

Black Powder Red Earth: Creating A Wargame In A Failed State | Designer Interview


At the end of last year, I became aware of a small scale skirmish called Black Powder Red Earth. Join me for a chat with Jon Chang where we explore the game and what new things it brings to the tabletop.

Return To The Path Of Carcosa In Arkham Horror


One of the older expansions for Arkham Horror, Path of Carcosa is heading back into retail this summer. Bringing Arkham Horror a touch of The King in Yellow.

Raging Heroes Go On Steampunk Adventures This June!


Raging Heroes has previewed their newest set of releases for Heroes Infinite that are landing in June. This time around we're getting to dive into some Steampunk adventures with The Mechanium. 

Journey Solo Through The Dark Wilderness On Gamefound


If horror is your theme, and you are brave to conquer monsters alone in a desolate environment, you may want to head over to Gamefound for The Dark!

Rocket Arrows & Tree Knights For Malifaux & The Other Side


Wyrd has been busy previewing some models for not just one game system, but two. With Hex Bows and Yaksha approaching Malifaux & The Other Side.

The Home Guard Hold Black 7TV Bloodsuckers With Vlad’s Army!


Fancy mixing the trials and tribulations of the Home Guard with that of 28mm bloodsucking armies of vampires? Have a look at the new Vlad's Army Feature Pack which is available to snap up right now from the folks at Crooked Dice for 7TV. 

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles Season 3 & RPG On Kickstarter!


Monolith Games are back on Kickstarter with not just the Season 3 Expansion for the Batman: Gotham City Chronicles, but with an RPG title too!

Hunt Down Cowards With WWX’s Vengeance Of The Earps Posse


Expanding further into the Dystopian Age from Warcradle Studios, the designers have also released some more miniatures for their 35mm wargame, Wild West Exodus. Here we have the Vengeance Of The Earps Posse.

Dystopian Wars’ Sultanate Suleiman Battlefleet Set Hits The Seas


Dystopian Wars expands once again this month with Warcradle Studios looking to build up the forces of the Sultanate. The new Suleiman Battlefleet Set is going to be available to pre-order soon from the Wayland Games webstore.

Defy The Laws Of Morals & Ethics In My Father’s Work


Renegade have announced that My Father's Work will only be sold over on the Renegade store, working as an exclusive board game title!

X-Men Debut In Marvel Champions For Mutant Genesis


The newest expansion has been teased over at Fantasy Flight Games, bringing the X-Men to focus for the next large release in Mutant Genesis. 

Crusades! Best Period For Historic Gaming? Barons’ War Answers The Call – Deus Vult! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! We cry Deus Vult and look to the Barons' War Outremer as Warren asks if the Crusades is the best period for people to start historical gaming with. 

Bushido’s New 2-Player Starter Set Available To Pre-Order


GCT Studios have now added the set to pre-order. No disappearing this time, just the stretch incoming for the newest entry point into the game. 

Return To MCP’s Early Characters With Atomic Mass’ Updated Card Pack


With the recent announcements taking us further into the Marvel Universe, Atomic Mass Games have taken to their cards to rejuvenate older characters.

MCP Expands The Black Order With Black Swan & Supergiant


Bringing two new Children of Thanos to the elite team of brutal warriors, Black Swan and Supergiant are joining the fray. 

Mercs & Guards Arrive In A Failed State For Black Powder Red Earth


Echelon Software through Design Team Ember has created a world across multiple media wherein a failed middle eastern state sees a proxy war fought by small elite teams across its terrority. Already available as a video game and a graphic novel series they have created a tabletop miniatures game and now the Aayari Guard and Hongbin Mercenaries are available.

Incoming Riotous Expansion For Bayou Bash In Hog Wild


The gremlin-centric race of chaos and dangers Bayou Bash will be getting a new expansion. New racers, game modes, terrain and extra chaos in Hog Wild.

Heimdall & Skurge Board The Bifrost To Marvel: Crisis Protocol


The Asgardians are gaining two new tanky fighters to step into Marvel Crisis Protocol. Bringing Heimdall and Skurge into battle.

The Batman Two-Player Starter Set Releases Soon With Pre-Orders Live


If you have been hyped for the new recent movie with Robert Pattinson taking the role of the big bad bat; you'll certainly be interested in the upcoming set. 

Wyrd Games Previews Skulker Skins Before Next Malifaux Expansion


Those pesky Gremlins from Malifaux have had a new tease for the upcoming expansion, bringing the Skulker Skins in for a preview over at Wyrd Games.

Unboxing: BMP-Motor Rifle Battalion | Team Yankee


John dives into an Unboxing of the new BMP-Motor Rifle Battalion from Battlefront Miniatures for use in their 15mm scale Modern Warfare miniature wargame, Team Yankee.

Community Spotlight: Mercenary Bots, Celtic Gods, & The Greatest Golden Button Of All Time


Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great-looking miniature wargaming painting and hobbying this week...

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