Create A New Colony In On Mars Coming To Kickstarter Soon

January 13, 2019 by cassn

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In 2037, the first settlers arrived on Mars! The base camp was already settled and now, during the next fifty years, a group of very brave people from private space exploration companies are establishing a major colony ruled by a terrestrial organisation, the OMDE (Organisation for Mars Development and Exploration).

Now, as the chief astronaut for the company, you have become a pioneer for a whole new world and must create a new colony on the red planet, creating the most advanced civilisation on Mars, while completing both OMDE and your own personal goals.

On Mars is an area control game for 2-4 players. Explore, mine, build, power and upgrade your colony, creating structures essential for life; greenhouse farms, water compounds, O2 factories, power generators, and mines. Store enough food, water, and O2 to ensure your population continues to thrive in this barren landscape, while also completing your own objectives.


On Mars is one of a series of 'coloniser' games which have come out recently, but it has some interesting mechanics which differentiate it from the crowd. Players get to decide which central OMDE goal will be played, how settlers are distributed throughout the colonies, and which communities and building Earth will have authorised and provided for the beginning of the game. This means that players have a limited amount of raw materials from Earth which they can draw upon on their turn to aid the development of their colony.

Eagle-Gryphon Games will launch their On Mars Kickstarter on April 18th 2019, and this is one to watch - I predict there is going to be a big demand for this game. Keep a close eye on the official Facebook page for more information.

What are your top game picks of 2019?

"One to watch!"

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