Play D&D’s Vault Of Dragons First At The Battlefront UK Open Day

June 22, 2018 by brennon

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The Battlefront UK Open Day is coming up next week on June 30th and as well as all the tanks and stuff (I mean who really cares about those right?) you will also be able to play Vault Of Dragons for the first time via Gale Force Nine.

Vault Of Dragons Banner

You are all playing as unsavoury factions from the City Of Waterdeep within the world of Dungeons & Dragons and you have heard rumours of vast treasures lying beneath the streets. So, you will be pilfering around the city looking for any clues you can find to get your hands on that hoard.

Vault Of Dragons Gameplay

For a little flavour of what you can expect with the game, here is a rundown of the basics...

"In the game, players send followers to locations in Waterdeep to uncover rumours and treasure. Brawling with other factions to control key locations is to be expected, but beware the City Watch. Double-sided location tiles give players even more places to explore. Uncover the clues and enter the dungeons of the Undermountain to find the vault of dragons."

Vault Of Dragons Tiles #1

It sounds like another neat twist on the Dungeons & Dragons formula for the tabletop and features some rather awesome artwork as well. You even get those neat little gaming pieces which represent your 'gangs' on the tabletop which is neat!

Vault Of Dragons Tiles #2

Hopefully, the guys get to give this game a go when they arrive at the Open Day and are able to report back on their findings for it!

If you're interested in the event you can check out the event page on Facebook HERE and it is being held at Cleve Lodge, Long Eaton, Derbyshire, NG10, UK.

Will you be looking out for this one?

"It sounds like another neat twist on the Dungeons & Dragons formula..."

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