Legends Of Signum Show Off Their Stunning Miniatures!

July 13, 2018 by brennon

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The team behind Legends Of Signum have gone into some detail about the miniatures for their game which was on Kickstarter recently...

Legends Of Signum Main

...So, we're going to let them go ahead and delve into what makes their miniatures awesome.

Our miniatures for Legends Of Signum always were a big subject for people backing the project and we wanted to say that is impossible to find two identical miniatures when you build your army. All of them have a different appearance and even if the characters are representative of one group (for instance, the Praetorian Guard) each has their own personality when compared to their comrades.

Legends Of Signum Gameplay

The Legends Of Signum Kickstarter was absolutely full of new miniature which were never part of our original project and their development was due completely to our Kickstarter debut. You will find great representatives for both of our factions, the Holy Grypharim Empire, the Free City Of Vallor and of course some Mercenaries.

First of all, we are happy to show off our 3D Rock Terrain that players can now use to replace the 2D Rock Templates. Your battlefield will look much better now!

Legends Of Signum Rocks (Big)

Let’s take a look at the Praetorian Horsemen, each of them is really unique with its own character.


Raban, Emperor’s Ash Hound


Tankred Candent Armours


Aries Flamewrath


Valerian Ashmaker

The next two models that we wanted to look at are riders on their Oronox (kind of big dangerous birds) and when compared to common horsemen, they could be very dangerous as Oronox themselves very dangerous claws on their forelegs.


Naevia Oronox Lieutenant


Oronox Captain Konstantin

We also have this awesome miniature we couldn't wait to show off for Lerta the Cursed, who will be a very dangerous opponent against every fighter...


We also have the new warlike Wulfens, representatives of an incoming new faction. Right now they are ready to enter the battle as mercenaries.


Tara The Moonblade


Kevarr The Furious Berserker

And finally, we also wanted to show off Lucretia The Rat Doctor who was one of the most popular new Legends of Signum miniatures.


As well as that there are plenty of additional new miniatures that came to life as part of our Kickstarter which are ready to enter the battlefield to fight alongside you. 

Check out more of what's on the cards in future updates as we focus our attention towards delivering this project to you

Thank you for your attention and until the very next time!

"We also have the new warlike Wulfens, representatives of an incoming new faction..."

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