2019’s Clash Of Kings Supplement Goes Up For Pre-Order From Mantic

November 12, 2018 by dracs

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Mantic's Clash of Kings 2019 organised play supplement for Kings of War has now been released for pre-order.

The world of Mantica trembles once again as armies march to war. This year’s annual organised play supplement includes all of the balance tweaks to continue to keep the game fun and competitive. There’s also new magic rules, stats for new epic monsters, rules for playing grand sieges, and stats for using the brand new units from Kings of War: Vanguard in you games of Kings of War!

The supplements adds some pretty exciting developments for Kings of War, most notably Siege scenarios.

Sieges can be some of the most exciting types of games to play out on the table. Whether you're the encroaching hoard battering down the gates or the noble defenders eating one another's legs in order to hold out, the game is bound to be a tense one.

What are you most excited to see in Clash of Kings?

"The world of Mantica trembles once again as armies march to war."

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