Bombers Soar Through Blood Red Skies Soon From Warlord Games

June 25, 2018 by brennon

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Blood Red Skies from Warlord Games has a wealth of World War II planes to draw from as they grow their game and it seems like the next focus is going to be towards Bombers.

Bristol Blenheim Mk IV British Bomber - Blood Red Skies

The British get their hands on the Bristol Blenheim Mk IV leading the way with some absolutely stunning artwork on the box. That truly is a fantastic impression of the bomber and these daring pilots who battled it out in the skies over Europe.

The Germans get themselves the Junkers JU88 A...

Junkers JU88 A German Bomber - Blood Red Skies

...and the Junkers JU52 German Transport Aircraft which will be dropping off paratroopers across the mainland. We're going to be seeing some fun escort missions and more coming through when these new models land and I can't wait to see John let loose on them with his brush.

Junkers JU52 German Transport Aircraft - Blood Red Skies

It's not just the British and the Germans who are getting themselves a set of aircraft to play around with though as the Soviets also get to jump in on the mix with the Soviet Tupolev SB2 Bomber.

Soviet Tupolev SB2 Bomber - Blood Red Skies

I didn't really think about the other countries and their bombers as I've grown up just learning about the British and German clash in the air.

Which of the Bombers are you going to be picking up? I really, really want to get stuck into some games now I've seen these!

What do you think?

"I can't wait to see John let loose on them with his brush..."

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