Greebo’s Wonderful Cone Murder Vignette Coming Soon!

July 13, 2018 by brennon

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Sometimes miniatures are for gaming and at other moments they are there to tell a story in dioramas and vignettes. Greebo Games has crafted a wonderful one which will be available soon, The Cone Murder.

The Cone Murder - Greebo Games

This is the artwork which inspired the miniatures showing off a wonderful Fantasy scene where some creatures take a break from killing each other to chill at the beach with ice creams. Unfortunately the poor Red Dragon there just can't enjoy his ice cream because of his fiery breath!

The models are coming together wonderfully as you'll see below...

The Cone Murder (Dragon) - Greebo Games

...showing off a fantastic Dragon packed with detail and the rest of the onlookers who are gazing up at the unhappy Dragon.

The Crone Murder (Dwarf) - Greebo Games

What a wonderful scene. I think this is going to look utterly amazing when it is all painted up and shown off as part of a larger scene.

Will you be tackling this when it gets released?

"What a wonderful scene..."

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