IDW Expand Their Dragon Ball License To Over 9000!!!!!

July 14, 2018 by dracs

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IDW Games have announced that they are expanding their license with Toei Animation Inc.  to develop new games for Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super.

IDW plan to support both brands with game releases through to 2021, including miniatures-based board games.

According to Jerry Bennington, IDW Publishing's Vice President of New Product Development, they are taking a different design focus for each brand.

“With Dragon Ball Super, we are developing games that will appeal to fans of all ages while our Dragon Ball Z offerings will be more focused on strategic depth of gameplay.”

The first two new Dragon Ball games are Dragon Ball Z: Over 9000 and Dragon Ball Super: Heroic Battle.

It's Over 9000!!!!!

Dragon Ball Z: Over 9000 is a bluffing and deduction game designed by Jon Cohn.

Players select iconic heroes and villains from the popular Dragon Ball Z series, and go head to head in order to be the first to get their power lever higher than the number that comes after 8999.

Engage in Heroic Battle

Dragon Ball Super: Heroic Battle is a token flicking game where players flick character tokens into their opponents.

You have the option to power up by using special flick attacks and send your enemies bouncing off of one another and special destructible terrain. Just like in the show!

Both games will be packaged in collectible tins, available this holiday season.

IDW's Dragon Ball Z Miniatures Game Powers Up

Perhaps most exciting is the announcement that IDW are working on a Dragon Ball Z miniatures game.

The plan is for the game to be released in 2019, with support from an extensive Kickstarter campaign.

All just in time for the 30th anniversary next year!

Are you a fan of this classic series?

"Send your enemies bouncing off of one another and special destructible terrain. Just like in the show!"

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