FFG’s Star Wars RPG 30th Anniversary Edition Is Here!

July 13, 2018 by stvitusdancern

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Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) has released the 30th Anniversary edition of the Star Wars RPG originally published by West End Games.

I was very excited to report on this at last year's Gen Con and I know we have been teasing it ever since. The new two-book set will include the Role Playing Game and the Source Book. The Role Playing Book is where you will find all of the rules and guides to creating your characters.

There is also a section for the Game Master (GM) to help guide the players through an adventure. The Source Book will include information about ships, weapons, vehicles and creatures. A whole bunch of great information for creating the perfect world to play in.

While FFG took great pains to keep the originals intact they have also updated some of the pictures to help as the story has progressed. It is now printed in a higher quality and on better stock.

I am looking forward to getting my own copy so my originals can stay safely stored. My hope for the future is that FFG will release some adventures for the game and we see an accepting audience ready to travel to a galaxy far far away!

Will the Force be with you?

"...FFG took great pains to keep the originals intact"

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